Monday, 11 July 2011

Natasha Lives.....again

I'm happy to report that all the efforts paid far as I can tell.
Natasha seems to be running just fine with out any unusual noises or leaks.
Of course I'm not exactly sure what is normal with a Ural so it's hard to tell.

I took several trips around the parking lot and then ventured over to the old Northern Michigan Mental Asylum. A grand total of .25 miles away though a few parking lots.
Since I'm not used to driving a Ural yet I'm taking it easy.
Plus there's a nice large empty parking lot over there to play in.

There are several things I need to address still. The brakes need some more adjustment.
It seems to drift to the left quite a bit. Not sure if that's normal but I need to look into it.
Shifting gears is like kicking a Tiger Tank. Still need to get the knack of that, if there is one.
Driving is like steering a Bomber with the rudder in the front.
Oddly enough it's like flying, you point the air plane in the direction you want it to go then it stays on that course until you change it.
Unfortunately with this Ural that course seems to be to the left.

Riding this bike requires constant attention.
Maybe it gets easier over time I'll wait and see.

I also took a trip to the grocery store.
I know Big adventure but it means a little bit to me.
For the past 5 months I've been doing my shopping on a bicycle.
The good side is I can't carry more than 20 dollars worth of food.
That bad side is I can't carry more than 20 dollars worth of food.
So it was nice to be able to stock up for once.

Had a reverse UDF (Ural delay factor) and saw a 1953 MG up there.
Talked to the owner for a bit.

Took off for home and had a white car followed me into my parking lot.
Then I had my own UDF.
I don't mind UDF and I'm sure I'll get used to it.
But why can't it ever be hot single women? :)

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  1. Glad to hear you're getting things sorted out.

    And about, "But why can't it ever be hot single women?" If it were, talk about one more thing needing one more thing. :)

    Thanks for the share,