Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gears for Dinner

I spent a perfectly nice day inside tearing apart the final drive.
It wasn't too hard but it raised more questions than it answered.
Where did all the brass flakes come from?
Where did the lose Ball bearings come from?
Why are there 3 small mangled springs laying inside the case?
What ate the brass washer and left the crumbs all over?

What do I have to replace to fix it all?

Something bad happened and the only thing I can think of is one of the bearings
in the gear driven hub, if it has any, failed badly.

If you want to see a step by step photo break down
head over to my Flicker page

I also posted the questions to the Soviet steeds Tech forum to see if I can get any
Info there.

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  1. Michael, mangled springs? I don't recall springs from when I had it apart. Nice job taking pictures as you took it apart, I liked the way you highlighted the piece in question in red.

    I believe the brass colored metal flakes are what remained of the brass thrust washer.

    Here's my record of my disassembly effort:

    Like you, I can't figure out where those loose ball bearings came from. I wonder though, look at picture 20 in the link above, what's the condition of the bearing at the bottom of the splined gear hub? Your pics didn't show that.

    The link above also has a scan of a FD "blown apart" for parts list, perhaps it'll help ID what came apart.

    Did you check out the wheel bearings in the wheel hub itself?


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